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  • Kelly Robbins

Welcome to WomanHood: WithTheRobbins

Welcome to my, our, your blog! All things family & female health. Honest and frank, mundane and the magical days.

I thought it was about time I started a formal blog to keep up with this crazy thing we call, life. I have always shared very honestly across my stories, highlights and posts on Instagram about our struggles and triumphs. But, I couldn't count the amount of times I've been asked over the last few years, to put this down in a different format. Maybe this way too, you will stumble across this blog accidentally when you're looking for help or guidance with something you’re facing. So, for all of you guys that love to read blogs and more lengthy pieces of writing—This is for you.

I want this blog to be a bit like my Instagram (@withtherobbins) a pure, honest account of our life. The ups, the downs, the mundane, the amazing, the bad and ugly. Frankly, how amazing and absolutely crap, it can be, to be a woman! I want it to be a safe space to share and document our such treasured days BUT most importantly raise awareness for female health, educate and share HOPE.

I'll give the quickest backstory on earth (as many of you will know already). I have had a battle with reproductive health my whole life. Conditions like stage 4 endometriosis, complications and further conditions that go hand in hand including PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) which led to trouble when TTC (Trying to conceive). I managed to get pregnant with help but always struggled to, stay pregnant. It was quite a journey and over the years, like so many ladies, we experienced much heartache with multiple miscarriages and baby losses. At 26 years Old, the day I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter, I was also diagnosed with Stage 4 cervical cancer. We faced a huge battle during treatment when my kidneys failed meaning we had to stop treatment completely. I was also diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition early into chemotherapy, which resulted in my mobility and overall ability declining over night. We are now through the worst of that darkness, I am in early REMISSION! A real-life miracle happened to us and continues, with every extra day I have.

I have vowed to myself, my family, my friends, I will spend every day of my life grateful for every additional day I have been granted with my husband and children. I will always be an advocate for female health to ensure all woman (including my beautiful girls) know how to look after themselves. So, all women know the warning signs of certain conditions. To encourage women to know their bodies and take back control, be the BOSS of you! I want to be a support and be that real caring ear to ladies going through anything in this journey called, Womanhood.

Leave a comment below to let me know the kind of blog posts you'd love to see, or topics you'd like to be discussed...

Kelly xoxo

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